10 Tips to Avoid Name Badge Disasters During Corporate Events

Name badges are a minuscule yet integral part of conferences and corporate events. You might think that it is just an insignificant detail, but it's the little details that matter in a corporate setting. Most events have conference name badges that are distributed among the attendees. One of the easiest ways to make your staff or attendees stand out is through custom conference badges.

The design and size of the conference name tag can be customised based on a company's requirement. Since these badges represent your brand and what it stands for, you cannot be sloppy with the technicalities. When working on the nitty gritties of a corporate event, it's essential to get every last detail right!

Name badges are the perfect conversation starters. When you attend conferences, it can get difficult to remember every person you meet. Conference name tags can make networking so much more relaxed and convenient. Since every event has intrinsic features that separate them from generic conferences, your name badge should also be customised accordingly. Here are some effective tips that will ensure zero name badge casualties during a conference or corporate event.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Quality Trumps Quantity

There is no denying the fact that you need to get a lot of name badges designed for the event or conference. Since these events are swarmed with people, you cannot risk your business name by ordering cheap name badges to save a few bucks. Many companies end up regretting their decision when their flimsy conference name tags start collapsing in the midst of the event. The type of badge you use reflects not only the event but also what your business stands for. You can use lanyards, magnetic name badges, clips, and other accessories to ensure optimum quality. You should also consider your attendees' attire, avoid pin badges at all cost!

Legibility Is Essential

All that effort in creating an exceptional name badge will go to waste if the font and text are not legible. The first name, last name and organisation details are usually added to a conference name badge. Make sure that the text is clear and the font design is conducive. You don't want the attendees squinting in an attempt to read the text. Try to space the font properly and ensure that the text is accurately sized. Keep the colour simple and do not overcrowd the name tag. The information placement differs from one industry to another, make sure to follow the protocol.

Information Accuracy

Information Accuracy

What can be more disastrous than a substandard design? Well, a misspelled or misplaced text for starters. Since the text on a name badge is highlighted, you cannot make any factual or grammatical errors. Make sure to collect accurate information from the attendees, to ensure precision in the creation of name badges. Jot down the information exactly as the attendee likes during the RSVP process. Make sure to double check your list and make any corrections before sending it for print and manufacturing. A grammar error is the last thing you want to deal with at a corporate event or conference.

Don't Forget To Leave Your Mark

Branding is not something you can neglect when it comes to creating custom conference badges. You have to find a way to aesthetically display your logo or company name on the badge. Advertising at a corporate event or conference is the easiest way to put your name out there in the market. Get your company executives to flaunt your logo with elan, and it also helps in networking and breaking the ice. Make sure not to crowd the name badge; your logo, font, and rest of the text should harmoniously fit into the given space. Don't miss this opportunity, brand recognition is important.

Theme it Up

Setting a corporate theme is quite common today. The theme of a conference sets the tone of the entire event. Don't forget to include your name badges in the theme. To get people talking, set a theme with a hashtag that they can flaunt. Create custom conference badges with the theme slogan on it. Make the font and design attractive and conducive to match the overall theme of your event. Whether it's in the form of a custom silhouette or a fancy font, use your name badge to stand out and make your presence felt in a corporate event or trade show. Make sure to keep the theme conventional, you don't want to hurt anybody's sensibilities.

Avoid Any Print Delays

Information Accuracy

Imagine being all set for the corporate event, and your manager rushes in blabbering about a shipment delay of the name badges. Oh, the horror! Most of the times, badges have a predetermined production timeline. Once you have the list, get the name badges printed, shipped in, and ready for use. Collaborate with the name badge manufacturer and ensure that they deliver the order on time. Any kind of delay in distribution of the name badge can make your company look extremely unprofessional. Your badges should be ready days before the event begins, so you can carry out last minute damage control if required.

Convenient Accessibility

What could be extremely vexing for your event attendees? Waiting in a line to collect their badge from a cluttered desk of conference name tags. Make it quick and convenient for your attendees by erecting multiple booths and segregating the line according to teams, shows or alphabets. Put up standees and signage to make it easy for people to navigate the crowd and get their name badges. If you want to go the extra mile, why not ship out all the badges to the attendees before the event. It's a lot of work, but it can definitely make your company stand out. When the event attendees experience convenience, your chance of success increases.

Try Colour Coding

Try Colour Coding

Networking is the key purpose of organising a conference or corporate event. Make it easier for your attendees to mingle with like-minded individuals by using colour coded name badges. You can get custom badges for different teams or shows. Colour coding can be used to distinguish people according to their professional background, interests, and organisations. This can be the perfect conversation starter and will make it easier for people to find others they want to communicate with. And if you manage to impress people with the design and concept, they might promote it, giving you free publicity. Make the most of the corporate circles and work towards managing a successful event.

One for the Team

If you are the host of the corporate event or conference, you want the attendees to know it. Distinguish your team with customised conference name badges with a special design to set you apart. The conference attendees can easily spot the host and seek help if required. Apart from that, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and team. If you are competing with other departments, you can make your presence felt with custom badges. Have a special emblem to represent your field, this is your chance to shine in the corporate arena.

Customisation and Backup

Customisation and Backup

The general rule of thumb is to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. When ordering name badges for your event, make sure to have extra badges on hand. In case of extra attendees or badge damage, you want to stay prepared for all scenarios. Keep some reusable conference name badges handy in case you need to make some urgent badges for attendees who have a problem with the standard design. Have a Plan B in place to tackle any obstacle or delays you might face.

These are some of the tips to prevent any last-minute name badge disasters during a corporate event. It's all about preparing and accurately planning to impress a horde of corporate bigwigs. The purpose of a conference name badge is to act as an identifier. Put in enough time and effort to get the perfect functional design.

To summarise, your name badge should have easy to read font and legible text with a pleasing design. Stick to basic colours and designs to keep the overall look professional and clean. Avoid all CAPS with the names and never start with the designation. Limit the colour to one or two shades. Prepare to segregate the guest from the Press and keep visitor badges handy.

Before you can go around boasting about your amazing design, you need to find a reliable and professional name badge designer and manufacturer who understand your business niche and specific requirement. Research the options in the market and choose a company that offers dynamic solutions.

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