19 Fun Reasons To Wear Name Badges

Whenever name badges are mentioned in a conversation, people tend to think of them as the same old boring “My Name” stickers. But let us enlighten you, a name badge is not just a sticker; it is a statement!

It represents friendliness, identity, culture and human nature. It symbolises many things that you practice in your daily life. Don't believe us? Read on and find 19 fun reasons to wear name badges on a regular basis.

1. You give others an opportunity to approach you

Since childhood, you are taught to avoid talking to strangers. But as you grow up and become a part of the corporate world, you realise that communication is everything. You understand that it is okay to talk to strangers. A random hello is not going to do any harm. The other person will not react with anger. Rather he or she might find it a welcome change. Moreover, you could also learn a thing or two from that individual. Thus, when you wear a name badge you are giving others the opportunity to initiate a conversation with you.

2. It is a conversation starter

The most difficult part of a conversation is actually taking the initiative. This is where names can help, they act as the building blocks of your conversation. When you are wearing a badge that clearly displays your name and designation, it is easier for people to strike a conversation with you and vice versa. The sooner people know your name, the more comfortable they will be around you. By disclosing yourself, you provide others with a scope to communicate.

3. It promotes friendliness

Wearing name badges is one of the best ways to promote friendliness. When you wear these little identification badges, it is like saying “Hey, I am giving you a chance. I have made this really easy for you. All you have to do is say hello.” By choosing to wear them, you are representing yourself as an approachable person who is open to have a conversation with anybody.

4. It shows that you are self-confident

When you choose to wear a badge that exhibits your name and designation, it is an act of self-confidence. It shows that you are confident and comfortable with who you are and what you have achieved so far in life. You show the world that you are proud of your name and your existence. You gladly wear the badge over your heart as you have nothing to hide. Furthermore, it will also inspire the people you meet to do the same. This small gesture shows that you are very comfortable with your personal truth and your state of being can also be an inspiration for others.

5. It lessens the chances of people forgetting your name

Sigmund Freud discovered that a person's name is easily the most forgotten memory of the human mind. Thus, you should always wear your name! Wearing a name badge would mean that people have one less name to worry about remembering. In a way, by wearing a name badge you are doing a favour to others. You are relieving them of the psychological pressure of remembering your name.

6. It teaches you to be responsible

It might sound weird but it is actually true! Name badges are tools that scream accountability unlike anything else. If you are wearing it, there are fewer chances that you will lie, cheat, steal, litter or pick up fights with people. When every person in the room knows your name, it becomes your responsibility to live up to it. You have to be nice. If you fail to do so, people will know that you messed up. Wearing it is an opportunity to present yourself as a good and responsible human being.

7. It keeps you mindful of your surroundings

A name badge is like an alarm clock. When you are in a hurry and someone stops you and exclaims “ You are still wearing your name badge”, you are left with no choice but to stop or at least slow down a bit to acknowledge that person. Their greeting has in some way acknowledged your existence and the proper human reaction would be to reciprocate.

8. It can bring you back to reality

Each of us is guilty of daydreaming at some point or the other. When you are standing in a line waiting for something, you will often find yourself daydreaming or brainstorming or thinking or jotting something down. Or at the most, you might be busy using your phone. Either way, you lose track of what is happening around you. When somebody calls out your name, you come out of your reverie. Thus, a name badge can help bring you back to the present moment from your fantasy world.

9. It lightens the serious professional atmosphere

Name badges can be a cue for fun. It makes people smile. It makes people laugh. It promotes jokes and playfulness. Corporate events tend to be highly professional and serious, the hand-written, casual, breezy – yet curious nature of the name badges can effectively lighten up the whole mood. With them, working can be super fun and relaxing. Moreover, it will also positively affect your productivity at work.

10. It gives you an identity

With an identification badge, you are not just another face in the crowd. You have an identity – a name and a designation too. By reading it people will know who you are and what you do. And honestly, in the fast-paced and overpopulated society that we live in, this itself is a big achievement. It can help you shine amongst a sea of people.

11. You can avoid the guessing game

Often at corporate events professionals play the guessing game. Yes, it might sound funny but this happens for real. People might try to guess your name and designation by your appearance. Hence before they make any false judgments about your identity, wear a name badge and avoid being the victim of this vicious guessing game.

12. It brings people closer

Name badges can reduce the psychological distance between people. The moment you get to know a person's name, you instantly feel more connected to them. In simple words, you save yourself from the awkward first introduction by prominently displaying your name. Using them you can reduce the distance between you and the people around you.

13. It encourages transparency

These small badges serve as a reminder to be open. A reminder that it is crucial and powerful to be transparent with everyone. An admonition that truthfulness is an important quality. Especially in our ever-changing and socially isolated culture, openness is a value all of us must adopt. When you decide to be open-up you can also save a whole lot of money as customers appreciate honesty.

14. It is a symbol of honesty

In a world full of lies, deceit, and dishonesty, it is heart-warming to see even the smallest gesture of honesty. When you wear name badges, your customers perceive you and your organisation to be honest. This helps in winning their trust and establishing brand loyalty amongst the customers.

15. It helps you get out of your comfort zone

Through self-disclosure, by forgoing anonymity, wearing a name badge pushes you out of your comfort zone and be a better person. Yes, it might be uncomfortable but getting out of your comfort zone is extremely important to achieve great things in life.

16. You do not need to avoid people with them

Many times it so happens that we tend to avoid people as we do not remember their name, but with name badges, you can say goodbye to such issues. They are natural eliminators of awkward encounters.

17. You make other people's life easier by wearing them

Wearing name badges is like a mini-sacrifice, you might laugh it away but it is actually true. There might be many people out there who would want to talk to you but they couldn't as they did not know your name. There might be others who would not know how to spell your name. And yet others who are just shy to talk but want to know your name. By wearing a name badge, you are making the life of these people a lot more convenient.

18. You get to know people

When you wear a badge that displays your name and designation, people feel comfortable striking up a conversation with you. Complete strangers will come up to you and talk about things they usually do not discuss with someone they met just 10 seconds ago.

19. It does not force people

A name badge is not at all threatening. It does not force anybody to do anything. People can choose to have a conversation with you or completely ignore you. Either way, it is an act of friendliness.

Now that you are aware of these fun reasons, go ahead and choose name badges to showcase your individuality!