If your company is considering getting name badges, or perhaps getting a new style of name badge, then there is no doubt you have some research to do. Not all name badges are created equal, as you may have already guessed by now. There is a lot to consider when choosing a name badge, and you want to make sure you get one that you will be satisfied with once you have them in hand. 

Whether your business is located in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, you will notice that more people around Australia are wearing name badges. They have always had a place in helping to provide good customer service, but today businesses are embracing them even more because of all the benefits they bring. 

While searching for the perfect name badge for your business, you will see that all reputable companies offer a sample product. Many people don’t take the time to get a sample name badge, but they should. The more you know about why it’s important to get a sample, the more you will make a point to get one and do some comparing. Here are 5 reasons to always ask for a sample name badge: 

1. So you can feel the name badge. Looking at name badges online may not always tell the whole story. You can’t tell what the quality is like without having it in your hand so that you can feel it and see what it looks like in person. Whether it’s a reusable name badge, a permanent name badge, a name badge holder, or other options, it’s a good idea to get it in your hand so you can feel and see the quality for yourself. Nothing compares to the opportunity of feeling the name badge in your hand.

2. To be able to try it on and see how well it works with your company attire. Whether you have uniforms or not, it is nice to see how it will look. Being able to try on a sample name badge will give you a chance to see what it may look like on. You may even want to have a couple of employees try the name badge on to get an idea of how it looks in your office. You will especially want to consider doing this if your employees wear a uniform.

3. Being able to try the name badge gives you the ability to determine what type you’d really like to get. Name badges come in a variety of options, including reusable, permanent, and even with different types of backs. When you try it out in person you will be able to better narrow down what kind you’d like for your employees.

4. Having name badge samples makes it easier if you want to get the opinions of others. You can lay them all out and ask people which ones they like best and why. This gives them a chance to see them in person, feel them, and determine which name badge they think will make for an ideal addition to your company standard. Showing them the various name badges online will not have the same impact, because it’s not as easy to feel the quality and especially to get a chance to try the name badges on.

5. When you have name badge samples from the companies you are considering, you will be able to better compare what’s being offered. Having them side-by-side will help you determine which one looks better, feels better, and will work better for your company needs. Being able to compare name badges is a major perk to getting a sample.  

Every name badge company, whether in Australia or not, should be willing to send you a free sample product. If they don’t, then you should move on to the next provider who will. If they are proud of the quality that they offer, they will always send you a sample name badge, which will be a great tool in helping you to decide which one will be the right choice. If you make the right decision now, you will be set with name badges for a while. 

To get a sample name badge, check out the company’s website to see if they have a spot that offers it. If they do, then you simply need to fill out the form and it will be sent to you. If you don’t see an area to request a name badge sample, then contact them to inquire about whether or not they offer them. Getting a name badge sample product will be your best route to finding the idea badge for your company. You can test it out and feel and see the quality first hand, which is always a good thing!