What’s In A Name? The Anatomy Of Name Badges

Imagine that you’re at a sales expo for your business. Let’s call it “The Name Badges Perth Expo 2017”. You look around the crowded room. There’s that guy who you had a long conversation with at last year’s expo. He looks at you, waves and is now coming over. Uh oh! What’s his name? Think hard. He remembers your name. He is now waiting for you to respond. Oops, he saw that look in your eyes… Embarrassing!

Sometimes, it’s the small things that matter a lot. In this scenario, if he were wearing a name badge, things would have been different, and easier, right? Businesses, often, spend large sums of money on attractive booth displays, digital supplies, sound systems, and even freebies. But, then they decide to save on name badges by using below-par, and quite often, ‘last-moment’ hand-written badges. If they use printed name badges, the fonts on the badges are less than the 12-point type, which is hardly legible.

That’s a not-so-smart business decision. Getting professional looking name badges in Perth is not really a daunting task. The least you could do is look up on Google “name badges Perth” or “name badge designs” and you’ll get a million results.

Does a name badge at an event really matter?

Business events offer great opportunities of establishing as well as strengthening your professional networks. People want to approach you, talk to you and hopefully strike mutually beneficial deals. But, before that, they want to know who you are and what you do. And the easiest and the most convenient way for them to know you is through your name badge.

According to a recently conducted study, 7 in 10 people who were surveyed considered it very important to know the name of a person at an event. And about half of them said that being on a first name basis fosters trust. Knowing the name and contact details, according to the study, increases the likelihood of a long-term business connection. So, a name badge essentially acts as a sales tool for you at an event. It helps in establishing the rapport.

A well-designed name badge also helps in boosting your brand presence at the event. It helps you personalise your sales pitch when you read the person’s name and title on his or her badge. Name badges are great conversation starters at conferences. And not just at events, even at your business location, name badges are an essential tool for your front-line team. Especially in the hospitality industry, customers tend to associate name badges with their memorable experiences. Therefore, name badges for businesses are not just the identification tools. In fact, they help in generating more sales and nurturing long-term customer relations.

This may seem like a very minor detail in the big picture of event preparation and planning, but the fact is that it is actually an extremely big deal and something that each business must take very seriously. But, it can get really frustrating if you are forced to invest your time by designing your name badges yourself. Therefore, you should leave it to an expert like Name Badges in Australia. We an online portal for getting professional and high-quality name badges in Perth and other locations across Australia.

A name badge – An invaluable tool in the quest of expanding business connections

If not planned accurately, getting name badges for your business can be a nightmare. Inferior quality name badges at an event can act as a red flag in your race to the finish line. At such important business events, people are always running out of time. Every minute is precious. And trying to remember the name of every person you meet is next to impossible. So, while designing your name badges for events may seem tedious and not so important, their benefits, as mentioned above, easily outweigh any minimal costs and efforts while getting them ready.

The more conferences and expos you attend, the more you will realise that people find it extremely comforting when hearing their names from strangers. This makes them feel warmer for the person they may be meeting for the first time. Name badges help in creating that first positive association between them. Colour coded name badges can not only help in enhancing your brand presence at events, but more importantly, they can guide people in connecting the dots and initiating conversations with your staff.

Making your name badges more effective

Many things go into designing great name badges. Here are some of the things that you should bear in mind when getting your name badges designed for an event:

  • 1. If you’re organising the event, then you should ask for their names and other information to be put on the badges in advance. RSVP could be a good way to get those details. This helps you stay well-prepared for the event, and also helps in saving time and energy by avoiding long sign-up queues at the start of the event.
  • 2. It’s not just what’s written on the name badges that matters. The quality of the badge itself must also be given the utmost importance. You cannot just use a cutout paper and a safety pin. To impress your visitors, you should have badges that do not have any holes, wrinkles or stains.
  • 3. As mentioned above, colour coding the name badges helps in branding your event.
  • 4. You should keep your name badges subtle, clean and minimalistic. There’s no point in stuffing them with lots of unnecessary information. Remember that simplicity always rules.
  • 5. Other than the design of name badges, their placement also play an important role in leaving a good impression on your visitors. They should be placed above the right breastbone for better visibility. They should be in line with your handshake. This way, you can avoid embarrassments through awkward glances.
  • 6. The last-minute make-shift name badges are an absolute no-no! You don’t want your staff or your visitors roaming around with unprofessional tags on their chests.
  • 7. You can include your social media info on your name badges to increase the chances of networking post the event.

What goes into a great name badge design?

  1. 1. The size of the badge should be a standard size. Do not overdo the badges. Similarly, keeping them too small makes it difficult for the guests to read what’s written on them. Different types of name badges have different sizes. Experts at Name Badges can help you identify the right sizes for your name badges.
  2. 2. Keep the first names, first. If you follow the ‘last name, first name’ format, then you may end up confusing others.
  3. 3. Go with the classic fonts. They are called classic so for a reason. Sans-sarif is the most used type of font for name badges across different parts of the world. They help in maximising the legibility of the badges.
  4. 4. Don’t use crowded designs for your name badges. Keep them simple and minimalistic. Avoid using complex patterns and effects that come at the cost of readability.
  5. 5. Use the right type of materials for placing them on the clothes. Do not use anything that can leave holes, stains or wrinkles on clothing.
  6. 6. Include technology in your name badges, only if your budget allows for it.
  7. 7. Look after the sturdiness of your name badges. You don’t want them to fall apart at the conference. Use sturdy quality thick card stocks, durable straps, and durable holders.
  8. 8. Too many colours and fonts can spoil the effectiveness of your name badges.
  9. 9. Always get people’s feedback on your name badges before, during, and after the event. Ask them if they liked the badges. Ask them, what they’d prefer the next time. Hopefully, if you have done your job right, they will just confirm what you already know.

Don’t look at your name badges for events as an investment. It’s a small gesture that everyone will appreciate. So, don’t rush yourself through the process of designing the name badges. Work with experts like Name Badges to come up with badges that not only your staff, but your customers will be happy flaunting.

Name Badges specialises in supplying top quality name badges in Perth and other cities across the country. With over 20 years’ experience in designing and supplying name badges, ID accessories and other identification products, we know exactly what works best for your business. Just like you, we are passionate about giving a unique and original identity to your business through effective name badges.