Branding is important to every business in Australia. Whether you run an accounting office in Brisbane, a department store in Perth, or some other type of business in Sydney or Melbourne it is important that people come to recognize your brand. Your company’s brand tells them about who you are and what you have to offer. The more they grow to recognize it, the better off your company will likely be. 

Name badges can play an important role in your overall branding goals. They are a small item that can have a big impact, especially if your employees routinely come in contact with the public, attend conferences, or work with customers. Even if the only part of a uniform your employees wear is a name badge, you can use that to help with your branding efforts. Name badges are important in helping a company create a friendly atmosphere. They can also get your employees and customers on a first name basis, which helps to establish trust and a long term relationship. 

Every business with a logo that wants to brand their company, which should be all of them, will want to consider using name badges. Here are some tips for using name badges for branding your business: 

  • Go professional. You want the name badges you have your employees wear to be professional looking. They are a reflection of your company, so choosing a professional one is going to speak volumes about your image and help with branding.
  • Include the logo. In addition to making sure you have your company logo on your name badge you will want to include your tag line, if you have one. The logo should be present, in color, and should be visible from at least 10 feet away. That’s going to be a focal point, regardless of what type of name badges you choose.
  • Don’t skimp. When you are choosing name badges for your company it is no time to skimp. This is one area that you will want to invest the money in order to promote your company. They will be seen by many people, help with your branding effort if done correctly, and will provide a nice return on investment. While name badges are generally quite affordable, you will want consider spending what you need in order to get the best name badge for your company, rather than sticking to a pre-determined budget.
  • Wear them often. Having a great name badge that sits in a drawer unused is not going to help with your company branding efforts. It is important to have employees wear them anywhere they are while on the clock. This includes during the work day, if they attend a conference, and if they have meetings outside the office. You never know who will see the name badge and at what time. They can only help with your branding efforts if your employees have them on.
  • Consider options. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to name badges. Some options include reusable name badges, permanent name badges, button name badges, lanyard name badges, and others. Each plays an important role in helping a company with their needs, including branding. It is important to determine which one will work best for your company’s needs. 

Branding is an important thing for every company to do. Luckily, name badges can help make that effort a lot easier!

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