As companies around Australia realize the benefits that using name badges can bring about, they are opting more and more to get them. There are companies in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, among other places, which are using name badges on a regular basis. When it comes to what type of name badges your company should have there is one that you want to steer clear of, which is the do-it-yourself name badge. And for good reason! 

The do-it-yourself name badges may seem to be an easy and affordable option. But when you consider the downsides of these quick printable or writeable name badges it becomes clear to see that they do not provide a good return on investment. There is also a good chance they won’t bring you the benefits you want of having employees wear name badges. There may even be a chance they will work against your company and do just the opposite of what you were after in the first place. 

Here are a few reasons why do-it-yourself name badges just don’t work very well:

  • Unprofessional. Let’s face it, sticker do-it-yourself name badges or other types of do-it-yourself name badges just don’t look professional. If they are something you can slap together within minutes then others can easily pick up on that. You get what you invest into them. If you make the investment to get professional permanent name badges or nice reusable name badges you will not only notice the difference, but so will all of your potential customers.
  • Frustrating. Anyone who has ever tried to make some do-it-yourself name badges knows how frustrating a process it can be. If you don’t have everything lined up just right you will end up wasting a lot of time. Soon you become frustrated, but you likely don’t yet have your do-it-yourself name badges. You can avoid all the frustration by opting to have a professional company make your name badges.
  • Resources. Many do-it-yourself name badges use a lot of resources, such as ink and paper for printing. If you consider this as an added expense to your name badges it is easy to see that do-it-yourself name badges may not end up being the most affordable option. After all, ink for printers is not cheap for most makes and models.
  • Impermanence. Using do-it-yourself name badges means that you will most likely end up disposing of them after each use. This is especially true of they are sticker-based. You can save on this by ordering permanent name badges, or by going with reusable name badges. They both will give you the option to use them over and over, providing a more permanent option for your business.
  • Environmental. Opting for name badges that are not disposed of after each use will save resources. Purchasing permanent name badges can save resources in the long run, while do-it-yourself name badges will have you continuously using more resources.

Name badges are an investment in your company. They can be an effective marketing tool to help with your image branding. But they can also help to create a more professional atmosphere in your business. Opting for do-it-yourself name badges is not likely going to give you these benefits. Instead, choose ones that will last, look more professional, and help your company brand your image.

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