Name badges have been used around the world for many years. They are especially popular here in Australia, too. Businesses from Perth to Brisbane and from Sydney to Melbourne use name badges on a regular basis, and for good reason. There are many benefits that come with using custom name badges. Yet there are some people who at times question if name badges are going out of style for events. To answer that question, one needs to merely look at the reasons people to turn to name badges to begin with. 

Custom name badges are used by a wide variety of businesses. Name badges are used by those working in customer service positions, civil positions, and more. From police officers to nurses to Starbucks baristas, millions of people wear name badges on regular basis. When it comes to events, especially those that are workshops, conferences, and other corporate-related ones, name badges have traditionally been worn there as well. If you are considering dropping the custom name badges from your corporate event, then it’s time to consider why you were using them. 

Typically, there are a variety of common reasons why corporations use name badges for events, which include: 

  • Professionalism. Custom name badges, especially permanent name badges, are a great way to add a flair of professionalism to your corporate event. When attendees put the name badges on, they immediately begin to look and act just a little more professional, which is always a good thing.
  • Accountability. One of the nice things about name badges is that they tend to hold people more accountable. As they are talking with people their name is right there, which makes them feel less anonymous in the discussion. This helps to get people to loosen up and be nicer to one another.
  • Service. People usually provide better customer service to one another if the person is wearing a name badge. This goes back to the whole accountability thing. If you know someone can turn you in for poor service, you are more likely going to try to be on your best behavior, which means you will provide better customer service. Whether the name badges are on people attending the event or those working at it, better customer service is always a plus.
  • Networking. One of the reasons that people attend corporate events is for the networking possibilities. Custom name badges help to improve networking capabilities. It makes it easier for people to break the ice, get to know others, and to remember who they spoke with.
  • Branding. Anytime you can find a way to brand your business, that is a benefit. Custom name badges that have your company name and/or logo are a great way to further your branding efforts. The logo will be seen by every person who comes in contact with the event attendees. 

These are just some of the reasons why most corporations use custom name badges for their events. Whether you are using permanent name badges or reusable name badges, it’s always a good idea to maintain having people wear name badges for your events. If you feel that name badges for your event have gone out of style, then you will be saying that you don’t mind if your event isn’t as professional, and that such things as accountability, customer service, networking, and branding don’t matter. And chances are, that’s not what you want to say at all. Name badges help maintain an image at your corporate event that you will have a difficult time getting elsewhere.

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