Business growth is on the top of every entrepreneur’s mind, as it should be. Every company around Australia wants to experience growth and all that comes with it. There are many ways that business leaders can focus on helping their business to grow. But one they may overlook is name badges. They provide a simple, affordable route to helping your business in ways you probably never even realized! 

Walk into any business in the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and you are bound to see plenty of people wearing name badges. That’s because many companies have already realized the benefits that they can provide. Even Starbucks, an internationally successful company, has determined that name badges are good business. It just makes sense for your customers to know who your employees are. Not only are name badges good for Starbucks, but they can be good for your business, too. 

Here are 5 ways name badges can help your business to grow: 

  1. Friendliness. When you have a friendlier atmosphere, your customers are more likely to enjoy doing business with you. They will feel at ease, there will be good rapport, and they will be more likely to spread the good word about your company to others. Name badges help to give people a good image of your company, which will help keep them coming back time and again.
  2. Accountability. When your employees put on their name badge they know that every customer knows who they are. That alone makes them want to provide better service. They are no longer an anonymous employee. Instead they are “John” or “Mary” and their name can be clearly seen and reported. The accountability factor encourages employees to always put their best foot forward and provide great service each and every time.

  3. Branding. It is important for businesses to engage in branding in order to grow. The more people recognize your business the more they are likely to do business with you, as they know what you stand for and what they will receive. Name badges that contain the company logo are a great marketing and branding tool that should be used by all employees. Whether they are button name badges, permanent name badges, or custom lanyard name badges they are important to your branding efforts.
  4. Professionalism. Name badges help to create a professional atmosphere. You can do a test yourself to see if this is true. Pay attention to businesses you visit and see if the employees are wearing name badges. Notice if it makes a difference in the overall professionalism of the company, if the employees are friendlier, and what type of atmosphere it helps to create.
  5. Building trust. When your customers trust you they are more likely to do business with you. They will also tell others about their experience, leading to more business. Name badges help people to get on a first-name basis, which helps to build the trust between employee and customer.

Each of these tips above can help your business grow when followed. Name badges do a lot for companies, making them an important tool. The businesses in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, have benefited from them thus far and will continue to do so for many years to come!

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