HR Insists Companies for Name Badges

Many founders and business owners are experts in their field. However, not every owner possesses the efficient management skills to handle the tasks of the company. As companies grow, it becomes difficult to manage operational and administrative tasks such as employee benefits, payroll concerns, and interoffice conflicts. Business owners, generally do not have time to look into these activities. To solve human resources problems, it’s better to have a department in the organization.

Let’s learn why HR department is vital in an organization:

Tracks applicants for hiring strategically

HR plays a crucial role in supplying the qualified, reliable talent to the company that can help the company to expand.

Manages employee benefits

The department also manages schedules, time off, and benefits like health insurance, travel and fuel allowance, holiday bonus, etc.

Trains managers and employees

The leading role of HR is to help elevate the workforce by training managers to be better leaders and training employees to have an in-depth, broader skill set to complete the task efficiently.

Resolves interoffice conflicts

HR professionals receive specialized training to resolve conflicts between employees and management to make the company function smoothly.

Handles legal concerns

Lastly, HR professionals are responsible for ensuring that the labour and employment laws are being followed strictly so that the workplace harassment and discrimination can be curbed.

To make their task smooth and swift HR department insists the employees wear name badges. You must be confused about how a name badge can ease the work of an HR. Let’s take a deep dive and learn about the importance of name tags in a company.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Research states that tags elevate the satisfaction of the customer and make the staff accountable. Employees wearing name badge are instantly recognized. Moreover, customers tend to ask queries and seek advice from the employees. Wearing badges eliminates the awkwardness as employees are easily identified creating a sense of trustworthiness.

Fact: While making a purchase, 64% of people are more interested in customer experience rather than price.

Create a great first impression

A company which doesn’t have a uniform can employ badges to promote the brand to the customers and ensure that the employees build a significant impact on the customers. Including useful information on the badges such, name and the department category can help the customer to identify the right person for the job.

Fact: On an average 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before a customer can remember the brand.

Boost interaction

Adorning a name badge helps employees to be a part of the team, and they feel proud to be a contributing member of the company. Tags provide an efficient way to recognize the staff internally so that they can interact with one another swiftly.

Fact: After having a positive experience with an organization, 77% of the end-users would like to recommend it to a friend.

Promote the brand

Name badges play a pivotal role in maximizing brand awareness. No other marketing tool has a significant impact as a creative name badge, which is worn directly on the front line, in view of the customers.

Fact: According to a study, colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

Increase security

Name-tags are not only vital to identify the staff and visitors, but they also play an essential part in safety within the workplace. During the case of emergency, it is crucial to be able to identify the staff and others to know who they can approach for information or advice. Additionally, badges can help identify unauthorized visitors who might be dangerous for the organization.

Fact: Companies that make a concentrated effort in improving the customer experience see the rise in employee engagement rates by an average of 20%.

These reasons might have intrigued you to incorporate the tags but you should also take care of some concerns of employees wearing badges like:

Inappropriate staring

This problem is faced by women who wear name tags. The length of the lanyards are too short so the tags/badges hang at mid-breast level. It is discomforting for women during their security check.

Unauthorized monitoring

It can lead to many problems between managers and employees. Tracking and monitoring the employee's activity can make them feel vulnerable which can affect the work.

Problems to people suffering from heart disease

Magnets in the this type of badges can be harmful to the people who have installed a pacemaker in their heart as magnets can dwindle the functioning of the pacemaker.

Most of the companies take firm steps to curb such nuisance while employing such badges. Looking at the bright picture, it will help the company in promoting the brand in a much better way. If you think that the badges are not good enough then, you might have to reconsider the thought as the companies belonging to the below-mentioned sectors have been extensively using the reusable name badges:

Let’s take a look at some of the industries where HR insist the employees wear name tags. Food and Beverage Industry

Badges offer vital information about the service of the company to the guests. It adds to the professional image and unique branding to the organization.

Business Professional Services

We all know that a handshake and a well-designed business card are great ways for business development, but the name-tags offer the sophisticated professional introduction to the clients. It grants the clients to efficiently identify the brand with confidence.

Health and Wellness

Offering the tag to the hospital staff provides the extra comfort to the patients. Badges display the name and the designation clearly to help the patients as well as their family members to make the communication with the staff.

Event Management

They use reusable name-badges to give it to the attendees and the guests. With the help of this, they can efficiently manage the event and count the number of attendees. Also, tags break the ice between two unknown people so that they can communicate with ease.


Name-badges are extensively used by the businesses belonging to this industry. Tour organizers or operators use the badges and tag them with the passengers’ bag. So, if the bag is stolen or misplaced then, they can easily track it.


Safe and secure identification of airport employees is crucial for airline security. The badges are used for attendants, baggage handlers, pilots, etc. This ensure the travelers that the employees are credible.


Badges are used to keep a record of every official. An official of high rank can display a sense of dignity by wearing a name badge. It makes the army, navy and air force fighters proud and patriotic by wearing the name-tags as they serve the nation.

Information Technology

The most extensive and advanced field of all times uses the reusable name-badges. As this is a service sector, the employees of the companies have to visit other companies for software installations, the sale of technological products, attend seminars, etc. Wearing a name badge will distinguish the employees from the visitors.

Education Sector

Authorities of the education industry insist the regular full-time staff, visitors, student staff, volunteers to have the badges so that they can be identified easily. Moreover, they can organize the schooling system effectively by monitoring the daily tasks of the teaching staff.

Franchising Business

Brand consistency and strength are the two main pillars of the franchisers. Maintaining consistency and satisfaction of the owners as well as the customers across diverse locations can be achieved by incorporating badges as it grants uniformity and trustworthiness.

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