When you think about some of the most famous company images out there, do you ever stop to wonder why it is that you are familiar with those images? If you are like most people, probably not! But behind every well-known brand is a team of people who has given thought to image branding. And they were successful at it! 

Companies all around Australia have to consider image branding. Those companies that are in such cities as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane, among others, will find that the more they make image branding a priority the more successful they can make their company. You want and need consumers to be familiar with your company and brand. The best way to do that is with image branding, which is getting them used to associating an image with your company and what you stand for and offer. 

There are many ways your company can go about engaging in image branding. But there is one that more businesses should consider, which is name badges. Using name badges effectively, they can become inexpensive marketing tools that further your image branding efforts. Think about it – your employees will be wearing your brand image, or logo, all day long while on the job. Whether they go to conferences, work with the customers, or attend meetings, your brand image will be there, reinforcing it to all who see the name badges. 

Here are a few tips for using name badges with your image branding efforts: 

  • Define your brand image. The first step is making sure your company has a defined image. If you do not yet have one, don’t put it off any longer. Define your image. Determine what your company stands for, have a logo created, and stick with being consistent with using that image in all of your marketing efforts, including on your name badges.
  • Consider name badge styles. There are a variety of name badges to choose from, depending on what you will be using them for. Take a look at the different styles of name badges to see which type will work best for your goals. You may want to opt for name badge holders and lanyards for things like conferences, while permanent name badges may ideal for an ongoing basis.
  • Create the policy for wearing them. Name badges may be a new addition for your employees. If they have not been wearing them all along you will need to create a company policy of having them wear them. Let them know why you want name badges worn so they can get on board with the idea as well.
  • Get assistance if you need it. Choosing name badges, especially when your goal is to use them for image branding, can be a daunting task for some businesses. Don’t hesitate to get a professional opinion on what to order, so that you gain the benefits you are after. 

Image branding is something that takes time and it takes being consistent. But when you make name badges part of your efforts you will help make your goal easier to reach. Every person who comes across your employees will see the image on the name badges, further helping them to pair your logo with your company. It’s an affordable option that will provide a great return on investment!

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