5 Reasons Everyone Should Love Name badges



Do you love name badges? If not, then it’s about time that you started to! Name badges have been around for a long time and they are here to stay! Name badges can play a big role in the marketing and customer service aspect of a business, but they can also be great for the employee as well. There are more reasons to love name badges than you may have realized!


There are different reasons to love name badges depending on if you are the on the business side of them, or you are an employee who has to wear them. Regardless, both sides have some wonderful reasons to embrace wearing name badges. Australia has embraced name badges for many years, especially in major cities such as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Like many things, the more you get to know name badges, the more you may just come to love them too.


Here are 5 reasons that everyone should love name badges:


  1. Name badges help you establish your identity. No matter what company you work for if you are wearing a name badge is lets people know who you are. With a name badge you are not some nameless person that is going through the motions and providing customer service. Nope, not you! Instead you are someone who is professional and sharing your name with pride.
  2. Most people are lousy at remembering names. While that is harsh, it is the truth. People try all sorts of tricks to remember names, such as thinking of words to rhyme with the person’s name. There is no need to have to jump through such hoops, not as long as name badges are around. Name badges let people know that it’s okay to not have a photographic memory that can remember every name it comes across.
  3. If you provide someone with great customer service there is a better chance you will get recognition for it if you are wearing a name badge. The name badges help customers identify with you, and determine who you are from a crowd. It’s no longer “that guy” that provided great service, but it’s “Chad” that provided the great service. This can be helpful in getting great employees noticed.
  4. There is something about putting on name badges that makes people feel more professional. Try it and you will see for yourself! Put a name badge on and immediately you want to provide a professional image and make the name on that badge look good.
  5. Many people love their name and want to share it with others. Name badges are great for that. You get to let people know what your name is, or if your boss will allow it, let people know your nickname. Both can be great for your confidence and for building relationships with your customers.


Wearing name badges, or name badges, is a great way to create a friendly atmosphere. Those companies that have not had their employees wear name badges before should give it a try, perhaps even take a 60 day name badge wearing challenge. See the difference it makes. The employees can do the same as they wear it for the 60 days. The difference it makes will likely be a good one for both the employer and the employees!


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