Have you been thinking about having your employees wear name badges? You are not alone! There are many businesses around Australia, including in the cities of Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, who are either currently using name badges or are considering adding them. Now is the time to take the name badge challenge!

Taking the name badge challenge will give you an idea of whether or not they are an effective little tool to use in your business. Most businesses do find that they are a good way to help with brand image, create a friendlier environment, and help get your customers on first name basis. To take the name badge challenge keep these tips in mind:

- Choose a designated length of time that you are going to have tested it out and have employees use name badges. At least a 30 day test is necessary to really assess the impact, but longer would be better. In order for the name badge challenge to really work you need to have your employees do it for a month and have all employees wear them during that period.

- Determine what type of name badges you are going to get for your employees. There are several options to choose from, including permanent name badges, reusable name badges, hanging name badges, and button name badges. Opt for the style that will most suit your type of business.

- Get the name badges ordered and speak with employees about the benefits of your company wearing them. Let them know they will need to start wearing them in an effort to help improve customer service, as well as create a friendlier atmosphere. Some employees may be apprehensive about wearing a name badge, but once they learn of the benefits of wearing them they are going to be more likely to follow through with the new request.

- Once you get the name badges get your employees wearing them and see what happens. Observe whether or not customers appreciate being able to know the name of the person helping them. Notice if wearing the name badges has helped to create a friendlier atmosphere.

- After your desired length of time consider if the changes that the name badges have brought about are worth it. There is a good chance that, like most other businesses, you will feel they are a tool that is well worth the investment.

- Consider getting feedback from your customers to see if they like the new name badges. Ask if they like the idea of your employees wearing name badges or if it makes a difference to them. Most customers will likely report that they appreciate the name badges that the employees are wearing.

The name badge challenge is about finding out if there is a good return on investment when you you’re your employees wear them. If you don’t think that having employees wear name badges is worth the effort you can always ditch them after taking the challenge. But there is a good chance that you will end up thinking that they help raise your business to another level, creating a more professional environment. Whether you are in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, odds are that you will find they are worth the investment. Name badges have been helping many businesses around Australia to be more professional, friendly and accountable, and they can help your business, too!