5 Places for Kids to Wear Name badges


When we think of name badges we often tend to think about businesses. After all, many businesses around the world have been taking advantage of the benefits provided by name badges. Australia businesses have taken part in that as well, reaping many customer service rewards for it, including in such major cities as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. But while we tend to think of businesses, we are also overlooking a small sector of the population that can benefit from name badges – kids.


Name badges for kids have become something that parents are searching for. There are benefits to having children wear name badges, especially in particular settings and if the child has special needs. Name badges for kids can be customized so that any special needs that people need to know about can also be put right onto the name badge, such as if they have an allergy to something.


Here are 5 places that are ideal for kids to wear name badges to:


  1. School. While this may not be something that the older kids want to do, the younger ones can benefit from wearing name badges. This is especially true of those in the youngest grades who may have difficulties remembering each other’s names. But it’s not just for their benefit, but also for the teacher’s benefit. The teachers have many students’ names to remember during the first weeks, and having name badges on the kids can make this process a lot easier.
  2. Daycare. Children who are going to daycare or babysitting where there is a group of kids can benefit from having name badges. This is especially true if the children are younger and are not yet talking much. This way the adult caretakers know everyone’s name, even if some kids are a little too shy to share it by talking.
  3. Field trips. When schools take field trips there are many kids who go along with volunteers. The volunteers, who help watch the kids, do not always know all the names of the kids. The name badges can be a great tool for helping to keep track of all kids in the group and ensure that they all stay together.
  4. Clubs and groups. Whether the group meets for monthly meetings or goes out for fun activities together it is a good idea to have all the kids wearing name badges. That way everyone knows that they are together in a group. The group name can be put on the name badges along with the child’s name. This will help make it easier to know who is in the group, as well as what their name is.
  5. Camp. When kids go off to camp there are many others there as well. Often times they don’t know each other and they don’t know the counselors and staff right away either. Having everyone wear name badges helps to ensure that everyone gets to know each other quickly and it establishes a friendly atmosphere right from the start.


There are many reasons why people opt for name badges for kids. They attend plenty of places where they can come in handy in keeping track of the kids and helping adults to know who everyone is. With so many kids running around at some events and in groups it is good to know that name badges can help make things go a little bit smoother!

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