Reusable Name Badges vs. Permanent Name Badges

When businesses around Australia decide that they would like their employees to wear name badges they are not alone. There are plenty of businesses in all sectors that opt for them because of the many benefits that they provide. But choosing the best type of name badges for your business may seem like a more daunting task than it really is. When it comes down to it, it’s really a matter of knowing the benefits of each type.

Whether in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, or Sydney, having employees wear name badges creates a friendlier, more professional atmosphere. It also helps to open up communication between those who work for you and those who they are providing service to. When you know you want your employees to wear name badges it largely comes down to which style you will decide to go with. Two popular styles of name badges for employees are reusable name badges and permanent name badges.

Having a better understanding of each of these two kinds of badges will make your decision on which one to go with much easier. Here are some of the differences between reusable name badges and permanent name badges:

  • Reusable Name Badges – Just as the name implies, they are reusable ones that you will be able to use over and over again. This is great for those companies who will have a turnover of people and need the ability to change the names on the badges frequently. It is also a good option for something like a place where there are meetings and conventions held. They provide a quick way for people to have a name badge for any occasion where one is called for. Reusable name badges also make ideal back-ups for those who have permanent name badges but want to keep something on hand. This way they have them on hand for those who for get theirs or who attend a meeting and need one.
  • Permanent Name Badges – As the name suggests, the permanent name badges are going to have one name on there that can’t be changed. The name on these badges will remain the same all the time. These are professional and usually ideal for companies where there won’t be a big turnover rate of employees. It is also an ideal name badge for your employees to wear to business conventions. They can have the employee name, business logo, and additional information, providing a good image for your company.

Choosing name badges is much easier than it may seem. Simply log into the site to check them out and see which name badges you think will make the best choice and suit your needs. Depending on where you are using them and the type of company you have, you should be able to easily pick out a reusable name badge or a permanent name badge that suits your purpose.

Around Australia there are many businesses using name badges. Some are using reusable name badges, while others are opting for permanent name badges. There is no right or wrong here, as both of them have benefits. It simply comes down to determining which type of name badges will be ideal for your business. No matter what type of name badges you choose for your business you are bound to see the benefits that they provide!

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