5 Things That Can Destroy Your Name Badges

Name badges can do some pretty neat things. They can get your customers talking to your employees on a first name basis, making them feel more comfortable. They can make your company more professional and even hold your employees more accountable. That’s because their name is right there, right alongside their customer service skills. But there are some things that your name badges cannot do and thus they may be destroyed if you do them. Avoiding these things can help save your name badges and keep them looking better for longer.

Around Australia, especially in the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, there are many businesses that use name badges. While they hand them out to their employees they let them know they are now part of the dress code. But one thing they probably forget to do is let them know a few tips for taking care of their name badges. Without this information there is a good chance at least a few of them will end up with name badges that are broken, cracked, or faded.

Here are 5 things that can destroy your name badges:

  1. Harsh chemicals. Many people want to clean their name badges, yet they don’t give much thought to what to clean it with. Using harsh chemicals on it can damage the name badge. When you want to clean it try using a mild soap and water to gently wipe it clean. This should get it clean. Harsh chemicals should always be avoided when it comes to name badges.
  2. Direct sunlight. This is one of the easiest ways to get your name badge to fade or crack. It is important to not leave name badges sitting in your car on the dashboard or seat where the sunlight can have at it all day. If you leave your name badge in the car leave it out of the sunlight to protect it. But as you will learn in the next point, that may even become a problem.
  3. Extreme heat. This can be another problem. High temperatures can cause some damage to name badges. Again, one of the places that this could be problematic is leaving the name badges in the car on a particularly hot day. Depending on the type of materials the name badge is made from, the high temperatures could harm it.
  4. Bending it. This should be an obvious one, but many people will play around with their name badge and bend it. The bending of your name badge may destroy it, so you want to try to avoid bending it at all.
  5. Not having it professionally made. You may not realize it, but the craftsmanship behind name badges is going to help determine the quality of them. You want name badges that are going to provide you with benefits, but that will also last. Your best bet to make this happen is going to be to have them professionally made. Remember, they are an investment in your company.

Name badges are not difficult to take care of. But if you do things like clean them with harsh chemicals or leave them lay in the window of your hot vehicle, you may find that they are destroyed. Taking simple measures can help to protect the name badges and keep them looking great for a long time.

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