Collecting name badges? You bet!

Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to collect stamps, while others like to collect business cards. But did you know there are people out there who collect name badges? There sure are! And the good news it that it’s not too late for you to get started collecting them, too. Once you learn about why some people collect name badges you may want to get in on the action yourself.

From Perth to Brisbane and from Melbourne to Sydney there are people who wear name badges. There are many different kinds, such as reusable name badges, permanent name badges, metal and button badges, and lanyard style badges. Each style is used for a variety of reasons and at different events. Some may be used in retail, while others are used in offices and for business conventions.

So just why would someone want to start a collection of name badges? Here are several reasons:

  • Conversation starters. Picture walking into someone’s home and they have a place on the wall where they have a display of name badges. You know you are going to walk over and take a look. That’s because it’s interesting! And you know what? That collection is going to provide an instant conversation starter. Perhaps it’s in someone’s office instead of their home. Either way, a collection of someone’s name badges is going to inspire conversation. It gives people a chance to discuss places they have worked, conventions they have attended, and more.
  • Memories galore. Have a collection of name badges and you will have a pile of memories in someone’s life. Each name badge will represent time spent working somewhere, a convention attended, or volunteer work completed. Like keeping a makeshift journal, the name badge collection says a lot about the person who has worn each of the badges.
  • Educational purposes. For those who work in graphic arts, marketing,  business, or in education in these areas they can use a name badge collection as a lesson. Having a collection of them can come in handy for demonstrating good and bad name badge designs, and the various ways that a business can use them for image branding.
  • Attending conventions. There are some people who specifically collect metal and button badges. You may even be able to find groups and conventions that are based on this hobby. Doing so gives you a chance to share the collection with others, as well as see a variety of options provided by other attendees.

Starting a name badge collection can be a fun and interesting hobby. Whether you put them on display in your home or your office you are sure to enjoy being able to chat about them and the experiences behind them. Each name badge has a story to tell and experiences that you can share. Find a fun way to display your name badges, try to get a variety of kinds, and keep every one of them that comes your way.

Collecting name badges is a hobby that you may not have thought of, until now. But it’s one that you can have some fun with once you get started. Give it a shot and see just how fun it really is! You may just be surprised at what an interesting little hobby name badge collecting can be.