Different Badges to Represent Status in Your Business

When it comes to name badges most businesses know well just how important they are. Name badges create an instant air of professionalism and can help get your customers on a first name basis with those serving them. That’s always a good thing, whether you are in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, or Sydney. But have you ever thought about having different name badges in order to represent a variety of statuses or achievements within your business? Maybe now is the time to do so!

Disney World has thought of this very thing. While all of the Disney World employees wear name badges, all 66,000 of them, there is also a little something that is special about them that most people are not aware of. Patrons visiting Disney World may see the difference in the name badges, yet they may not know what it stands for. But once you learn more about the name badge differences it makes you think maybe your own business should do the same.

At Disney World they have what is called the Walt Disney Legacy Award. It is an award that is bestowed upon those employees who have gone above and beyond in providing great customer service. The employees themselves all submit nominations for entry into the award competition and it is based on the three categories of create, inspire, and dream.

The yearly winners of the Legacy Award, which is around 350 of them per year, will get a change in their name badge that sets them apart. The name badges at Disney World are typically white with blue lettering. They do also, by the way, have the hometown where the person is from right on all of their employee name badges, making them even more interesting. The winners of the Legacy Award get new name badges, where the colors have been reversed. Their name badge will be blue with white letters. It also features the key words of “create,” “inspire,” and “dream.”

By wearing name badges that are different than the other employees, people know that there is something special about that particular person. The employees know that they have been recognized for their hard work, and they are even more likely to keep up going above and beyond the call of duty. Patrons at the parks will see the name badges, inquire about what the difference is, and learn more about the employees and that Disney World recognizes their outstanding employees in this way. A win-win situation for all!

Whether you have a small business or a large one, you too can find ways to give your outstanding employees a special name badge in order to set them apart. This small gesture can do a lot to make employees feel special and appreciated. It also gives the other employees something to strive for. They too will most likely want to obtain the special name badge.

While you may not want the words and categories put onto your special name badges that Disney World did, you can think of your own categories that represent your business. You can also decide to make it based on employee nominations, customer nominations, your own assessment, or use any other criteria for deciding who is eligible for the special name badges. Whether it is a special title, a different color name badge, words that describe the employee’s achievement, or all together, the name badges will be a hit throughout Australia!

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