Planning a class reunion? Think name badges!

Just thinking back to your high school or college graduation can be a great time. If you are like most people you have many friends and great memories that flood your mind. But fast forward some 10, 20, or 30 years later and there is a good chance that those memories are all you have from those years. Next thing you know it’s time to plan for that class reunion and you wonder if you will even recognize everyone. That’s when you know name badges are the solution for every class, or even family, reunion.

As people arrive to a high school or college reunion they may not recognize each other. There is a good chance that people have gained weight, changed hair color, and even lost their hair. A lot can happen over the course of a couple of decades, but nothing that name badges can’t conquer. When you have name badges waiting for every reunion guest you will quickly help people get comfortable with each other and get over the “weirdness” often associated with attending class reunions.

Here are some tips for having class reunion name badges for your next event.

  • Make sure you get the names right on the name badges. If there is one thing that will upset an attendee right from the start is if his or her name is wrong.
  • Find out if the person attending would like to use a variation of the name or if the name has changed at all. When people register for the class reunion you could have them fill in a spot stating what name they would like on their name badge.
  • Consider making the name badges fun, such as including their nickname or another interesting or funny fact. When everyone has something to share on their name badge, such as where they now live, or what their occupation is, the name badges may become great ice breakers that help to get the party off to a great start.
  • Let people take their name badges home as a souvenir from the class reunion. Consider putting the class reunion information right on the name badges, so that it will make for a nice keepsake. You may want to include the year the class graduated, as well as the year that you are meeting for your reunion.
  • If you have someone who attends that would prefer not to wear a name badge, don’t push the issue. Unlike when you were in high school you don’t want to use peer pressure to get them to do something they don’t really want to do. Since the majority of people will probably opt to wear the name badges those who don’t will likely feel a little odd as it is.

Class reunions are common and can be made more special with name badges. Australia has many class reunions, including those held throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. Consider getting custom made name badges for your next class reunion. The bigger the number you are celebrating since you all last met, the more important it is that you have name badges. There are so many changes that take place over time that name badges make it easier to quickly identify each other and get the chatting started. You will help break the ice and get the party off to a great start!

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