Name Badges for Sports Coaches?  You Bet!

In America there has been talk of some people suggesting that coaches in professional sports should be wearing a name badge. After all, some of them are new and not everyone knows who the person is. Makes sense that having a sports coach put on a name badge would be good and bring the same benefits that it does to other professions. But are name badges a smart move for sports coaches here in Australia, too? You bet!

Sports coaches have an important role to play. They help to shape the lives of young athletes all over the country. In the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, there are sports coaches that spend a great deal of time working with kids of all ages in order to help shape and guide them, both on and off the field. There are also sports coaches in adult and professional leagues. Each of these people plays an important role in the communities in Australia.

There are good reasons to have sports coaches wear name badges, including:

  • Helping people to know who the person is. That’s the number one reason for having anyone wear name badges. That way everyone knows what the coach’s name is.
  • That the coach can be held more accountable. There are stories making the news today around the world of how coaches are being poor sports and treating their players inappropriately. Put a name badge on the coach and there is a good chance they will not act in a manner that will be questioned by parents, the media, or others near them. They know there is more accountability when everyone knows their name.
  • Name badges help to elevate the level of professionalism. If you want to bring more professionalism to any business or sports field have people wear a name badge. They will immediately feel more professional and act in such a way. Don’t believe us? Try it!
  • So that kids know what their coach’s name is and they begin to feel more comfortable around the person. Coaches can be intimidating to a child, but if they have a name badge on and they can see the person’s name they may feel more comfortable.
  • Having coaches wear a name badge will also help people avoid the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what the person’s name is. People tend to forget names, so it makes it easier to help people avoid having to ask what the name is again.

While those around the world continue to debate over whether or not professional coach’s should have name badges on, we will also be discussing it here in Australia. Take a poll of parents who have children playing in sports and ask them if they would like their child’s coach to wear a name badge. There is a good chance that most of them will like the idea just because of the benefits that it provides.

Name badges are a great way for any company, sport, or organization to set a tone that is more professional. The name badges also help to create a friendlier atmosphere, hold people more accountable, and they are an affordable marketing tool. There are many benefits of using name badges, making them a possibility for all businesses to consider, including those on the field!

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