Every sales team around Australia should be using name badges, if they are not already doing so. Whether your business is in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, there are many benefits for those working in sales to wear a custom name badge. And let’s face it – in the sales world you can use every advantage you can get. Even if that advantage comes in the form of permanent name badges, reusable name badges, or name badge holders and lanyards! The benefits will be the same and may just be what you need to help your team bring in more sales. 

Every sales team around the country can benefit by incorporating a name badge policy. The problem is, if your sales team hasn’t been using name badges up until this point they not be all that thrilled about starting. But don’t let that stop you from bringing them into the mix, because once they see the benefits there is a good chance they will change their mind.

Here are 6 tips for incorporating a name badge policy into your sales team model: 

  1. Choose the badges. There are a variety of types of name badges to choose from. Take a look at the ones offered to see what will work best for your sales team. There are reusable name badges, permanent name badges, lanyards and name badge holders and more. There are options to fit every style, preference, and budget.
  2. Have them made. Don’t just trust your name badge order to anyone. It is important that you get your sales team name badge order from a reputable company, such as Signal Advantage, where we guarantee our products and have helped many companies around the country. Quality, selection, and customer service should be some of your top priorities in choosing a name badge company to work with. Once you know what you want in a name badge, it’s time to place the order.
  3. Discuss the policy with the sales team. Once the name badges are in hand it is time to discuss the new policy with the sales team. The key here is to talk up the benefits and how it can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, which could help lead to more sales. That should be enough to convince them that name badges are worth trying out.
  4. Record the new policy. Once the policy is in order, it is time to get it in writing. Add it to your employee handbooks. Make a note of it so that new employees coming into your sales team will know from the start that they will be wearing a name badge.
  5. Hold people accountable. Some people may be careless with their name badge and not make an effort to wear it each day. If this happens it is important to hold them accountable. You may even want to keep some reusable name badges on hand so that there is a replacement they have to use. After a while, and when they see that you have a replacement for them to use each time, they will most likely stop leaving it behind.
  6. Make changes where they are needed. It’s always a good idea to implement the new name badge policy, but it’s also a good idea to make changes to that policy as needed. Those people on your sales team may have some good ideas about what they want on the name badge, for example, so it is worth being flexible and listening to their feedback. 

Once your sales team has a name badge policy, you will begin to see that there are benefits to be gained. Most businesses enjoy the fact that there is more professionalism, it creates a nicer atmosphere, and better customer service abounds. Implementing a name badge policy may be a small task, but the payoff can be big, and that’s something that every sales team around Australia can appreciate. Whether your sales team is in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Melbourne, reaping the benefits from having employees wear a name badge never gets old!

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