One of the biggest complaints that name badge experts have about name badges is that many of them are too cluttered. Having name badges that are too cluttered can be problematic, there is no doubt about that. If you want to get the many benefits out of name badges that can come from using them, it is important to avoid cluttering them up! 

Whether you are in Perth or Brisbane, or you are in Sydney or Melbourne, there are many companies using name badges today. That’s because of the many benefits that they provide to your company. When you have your employees use name badges, they will help to set a more professional tone in your business. They also help improve accountability and make people feel more comfortable talking to one another. Name badges help to create a friendlier atmosphere. 

Those are the benefits of using name badges if they have been done right. But there are many companies each year that make the wrong choices when it comes to ordering their name badges. They end up cluttering them up with too much information, poor font, being hard to read, looking unprofessional, etc. Here are some tips for avoiding cluttering your name badges: 

  • Difficult to read. Name badges that are cluttered are difficult to read. This defeats the whole purpose of having your employees wear them. You want to keep them neat and stick to minimal information. Aim to have the employee’s name, title, and your company logo. That’s short, sweet, to the point, and will be easy to read, as well as memorable.
  • Will be ignored. When name badges are cluttered with too much information, the person won’t usually take the time to decipher it all. Instead, they will just ignore the name badge all together. This means that your company won’t get all the benefits of name badges, which was likely why you started having your employees wear them in the first place.
  • Can work against you. Having cluttered name badges can actually have a negative impact. While a good name badge can help your company look professional, a cluttered one can do the opposite. You don’t want your name badges to work against your company or sending an unflattering image.
  • Won’t help with branding. One of the greatest benefits of using name badges is that they help with your image branding efforts. But if your name badges are cluttered and there is too much information on them then your message will be lost. You will be losing out on this valuable perk of using name badges for your company.

When it comes to professional custom name badges, stick with the idea that less is more. You don’t want to clutter you name badges up and end up losing out on the benefits of having them in the first place. The ideal name badges should be clean, easy to read, have a good font, just the right amount of information, and look professional. Get a professional opinion from us if you are unsure how to order professional, uncluttered name badges for your employees. Ordering the right name badges from the start will help ensure a good return on investment and will give your company the benefits of having your employees wear them in the first place!

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