Around Australia there are parents who fear the name badge. The fear is not really for themselves, but they fear their children wearing name badges. From Perth to Brisbane and from Melbourne to Sydney, many parents have begun to fear little things, such as their child wearing name badges. That makes one wonder where this fear came from and if they should fear the name badges to begin with. 

There was a time not so long ago when nobody feared a child having their name on name badges. But over time, people have become worried about such a thing, assuming it will make their child more at risk for being harmed. When you break it down, there are many reasons why parents should not fear children wearing name badges, including these 5: 

  1. Crime against children is not necessarily higher today than it was decades ago, when people didn’t fear their children wearing name badges. But the media and the Internet have made the access to crime information commonplace, making it look like there is more crime. The media has its pros and cons, and one of the latter is that it has instilled a lot of fear in parents, much of which may be unwarranted.
  2. Many people have the belief that it is strangers who harm their children. This is one reason they are fearful of children wearing name badges. They assume that a stranger will see the child’s name badge and use the name information to lure the child to them. However, the research on this shows that the vast majority of children who are harmed are done so by someone who already knows their name. They are not finding out the name from name badges. Children who are harmed are usually done so by someone in the family, or someone who is a close family friend.
  3. As a result of all the media exposure of crimes, many parents believe that it must be something common for children to be abducted off the streets by strangers. When it comes to crimes against children in Australia, only 19 percent are committed by a stranger. That means that 81 percent are committed by someone the child already knows, having no impact on name badges.
  4. Not putting on name badges may make parents feel a little safer, but that could just provide a false sense of security. Name badges are not going to make the difference in whether or not a child is a victim of a crime. But parents may have a false sense of security assuming that their child not wearing name badges means they are somehow safer.
  5. Name badges can be used for more than just a child’s name. If the child is in a group setting at a camp or other event it can provide important information about which camp or group they are a part of. Additional important information can be added to the name badges, too, such as if they have food allergies, bee sting allergies, etc. 

A stranger finding out a child’s name from a name badge is not going to have much impact on crime. If keeping names a secret was an effective deterrent, then parents would just tell children to never use each other’s names out in public. Having children wear name badges in group or organized event settings can be helpful. It’s important for parents to overcome the misplaced fear they have of letting kids wear name badges and instead begin to focus on their benefits.

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