Why Every Santa’s Helper Should Wear a Name Badge

Every Christmas season parents rush around the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne in an effort to help their children catch a glimpse of Santa. They may try to catch them in a place that will allow their child to get their picture taken, or simply let Santa know what they would like as their gift. One thing many parents have not thought of, but those businesses hosting Santa events should, is name badges.

While beards and Santa suits may be what most companies have on their mind when it comes to Christmas, there are good reasons why they should consider name badges. While Santa may not need name badges, his assistants do. Most of the time there are assistants who work around the area of Santa and come in contact with children. It would be ideal for those helpers to wear name badges.

Here are some reasons why every Santa’s helper should wear name badges.

  • Safety concerns. Being that children are usually the ones that are coming in contact with Santa’s helpers, it is a good idea to additional safety precautions. Having the people wear name badges is a good way to help do that. It can share the person’s name, title, and possibly even a company logo.
  • Atmosphere. People who are visiting Santa want to have an atmosphere that is friendly, upbeat, and they want to see a lot of smiles. Having people put on name badges will quickly add more accountability, which makes them more likely to be friendlier to everyone they come in contact with. Name badges help to create a more personable atmosphere. That friendlier atmosphere may even lead to an increase in sales, as more parents may purchase pictures and additional keepsakes.
  • Awareness. Depending on how the helpers are dressed, the name badges may bring about more awareness. Perhaps the name badges can have a special offer or message printed on them that can raise awareness about something else that is going on or being offered. It’s always a good idea to use name badges as a marketing tool.
  • No guessing. When people are wearing name badges it means that parents won’t have to guess who is working with Santa and who is not. The name badges will immediately let the parents know who they need to interact with, removing the guesswork.
  • Humanization. Some of Santa’s helpers may not always look all that humanized, especially if they are in elf costume. By having them wear name badges they will have something helping them to be a bit more humanistic. That aspect may be important to parents, especially if the helper is in full costume.

Santa may be out and about in full force, but he usually comes with a lot of helpers. Being Santa is a big job that he usually can’t pull off alone. Whether you are a business that is setting up Santa at the mall or a special event, consider having the helpers wear name badges. There are many good reasons for doing so. When considering name badges you can opt for permanent name badges or reusable name badges. Since the helpers may change from year to year, you may want to consider the reusable name badges. That way they can be used over again each season.

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