Most people do not realize that they can get a free name badge sample, yet it is one of the most helpful tools there is in order to decide which name badge to order for your company. Name badge samples are easy to request and they are free, yet many people overlook them for whatever reasons. There are some good reasons you should always request name badge samples, including: 

  • Quality. By ordering a name badge sample, you will be able to get a better idea of the quality of it. By looking at a name badge online you cannot really tell how the quality might be. The best way to determine this is to actually see one first hand. When you get the name badge sample you can see if it feels like it’s a good quality or if it feels like it is a cheap quality that will not last long. Of course, you want to make sure that the name badges you order for your company are of good quality. They are representing your company, after all, and will help to provide a professional image. Making sure the name badges are a good quality will help to create a more professional image for your company.
  • Feel. Being able to feel the name badge is going to tell you a lot about it. When you feel the name badge you will be able to get a good idea of the types of materials that are used, whether or not you like them, and if it will work to help meet your goals. Being to able to feel the name badges is a good way to help determine their weight size, and overall quality. It also gives you a chance to compare name badges if you are considering several kinds.
  • Size. Many businesses are concerned about the name badge sizes, because they want to keep it professional, yet they want it functional. Some employees prefer name badges that are smaller, while you still want to be able to use the name badges to help with your image branding. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right size name badges, so the best way to determine the size you want is to see samples. When you have your name badge samples in hand you can compare them and even put them on to get an idea of which one will work best with your company information.
  • Reality. When it comes down to it, the Internet can provide you with a lot of great things, but it will never beat the ability to actually hold the product in your hand and be able to see the reality of it. By requesting a name badge sample you will have those benefits. You will be able to hold the name badge in your hand and within minutes will know exactly which one will work best to help meet your company needs. Many people struggle with determining which one is the best option for them, but once you hold the name badges there is a good chance you will know right away which one will meet your needs.
  • Assistance. Name badge companies want to assist you and provide you with great customer service, but often times they don’t know you are considering their product. By requesting a name badge sample, you will give us the best chance to help you find the right name badge for your needs and budget, and you will be helping us to have the opportunity to provide great customer service. Being experts in the area of name badges, we can only help those who we know are trying to decide which name badges to buy. 


One of the best reasons to request name badge samples when you are shopping for name badges is to be able to compare them. When you can compare name badges you will know right away which kind offer you the best quality, size, feel, and professionalism. Around Australia, especially in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney, there are many businesses seeking name badges for a variety of reasons. The best way to clear up any questions about which ones will be best is to have them in your hand by getting a sample of each one!