Millions of viewers have been tuning in to watch the FIFA World Cup. In fact, over 18 million tuned in to watch just the match between the USA and Portugal. No doubt, many people in Australia tuned in as well. The World Cup games have been playing in homes and businesses throughout Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne alike. And while many viewers may know some of the players, there are others who are saying that name badges should be used for some of the teams and players. 

The Russian team’s coach was quoted as telling people that it wasn’t important for him to know the names of players on the Korean team. While he didn’t know the names of any of the Korean players, the same held true for the Korean team. The coach didn’t come out and say he knew the Russian team players’ names either. What’s more, he said that it was difficult for his Korean players to memorize the foreign names. This made some people in the media suggest that perhaps World Cup players should be donning name badges when they hit the field. 

Having the World Cup players wear name badges is not a bad idea on many levels. Just think about how it would look if the players wore name badges when they had their uniforms on. It would give the players on the other teams a chance to get to know some of the names. Beyond just wearing the name badges when they are on the field, it would be beneficial having them wear the name badges when they are off the field, too. Anytime they are representing their country’s team is a good time to have the players wear name badges. 

When it comes to having the World Cup players wear name badges, here a few things to consider; 

  • Having the World Cup players wear name badges will help all the team players, coaches, and officials get to know the players by name. They may be standing right in front of them and they will be able to see their name badge and know exactly who they are speaking with.
  • The name badges offer the perfect canvas for the players to share information about themselves, including their name, where they are from, and even any type of record information they may want to hold, including how long they have been playing the game.
  • Having custom name badges made is not difficult. They can be made to meet each team’s preferences and still provide a professional look that everyone will admire.
  • Name badges have a way of making everyone a little nicer, because they see the person’s name right in front of them. This will be good for everyone and won’t create any weak links in the game. It may even make things more fun. 

When two teams take to the field and the coaches don’t know the names of any of the players on the other team, perhaps it is time for them to wear name badges. There are name badges worn throughout the world, including throughout Australia in the cities of Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, for many reasons and for many events, it may be time to consider them for the World Cup, too. What’s the worst thing that could happen from having the players wear name badges? Nothing! Name badges are worth giving a shot!

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