Name Badges are an important part of the identity of the wearer, who may be the employee of an organisation or member of an institution. Name Badges are for all occasions and for different scenarios. The use of the name badge is not restricted to daily office purpose but one can see them in meetings, conferences, conventions and events. Besides letting everybody knowing everyone's name, it also serves the purpose of an icebreaker. By addressing someone by their name, there is no need to introduce themselves and a wave of familiarity sets in.

The Significance of Name Badges

Name badges have been common in meetings, events, conferences, schools, offices and other places where uniformity is needed. They play a vital role in the promotion of a brand and are a great tool for advertising. Name badges are a great way to introduce yourself and your staff members. There are no chances of forgetting names and addressing everyone with their names which in result creates a friendly environment. It helps initiate a conversation and enhances communication for people who are meeting for the first time. Name badges, hence are an important tool for communication also. In places where there is a huge crowd, people can simply look at the name badge and instantly address the opposite person. It also encourages communication and friendliness where there are a large number of employees working together. Wearing a name badge gives a good impression and conveys professionalism. A name badge is an affordable and effective tool for advertising. A customised name badge can bring attention and recognition to the employees and increase the brand recognition of the company. When you are the host and the organiser of an event, the entire responsibility of the event lies on your shoulder. To maintain the security of the event is the responsibility of the organiser. With everyone wearing a name badge, the identification of volunteers, staff members and visitors becomes an easy task. Whenever an emergency or a calamity occurs, one can easily spot the volunteers, security and other people in charge of the security. When a person wears a name badge he/she becomes the representative of your company. One will be able to distinguish if the employee belongs to the sales department or technical department depending on the colour of the badge. Name badges are easy to carry and anyone can keep it in the pocket or carry it in a purse. Letting employees wear a name badge forms the best branding strategy. It is also seen that name badges contribute to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty as the employees stay motivated and feel like a part of the team.

Things to consider while deciding the name badge for the event:

Name badges have to be selected with great care irrespective of the fact that the event is for one day. While selecting the name badge, all factors such as the material, printing design and factors suitable to the event should be taken into consideration.

Type of badge - First and foremost, the organiser should have a look at who all will be there in the event. Typically, an event will include attendees, employees and security members. Out of the attendees also some would qualify for being a VIP guest and remaining would be general guests. It is understood that the employees of your company will be wearing badges for a longer period of time. This means that the badges for employees should be sturdy and durable. The badges for the attendees shall be decided depending on the type of the event, is a formal or an informal event. On the other hand, the badges made for VIP members should look different than the badges for normal guests and are custom designed. They could be made of steel or brass that makes the wearer feel important.

Layout - The layout and design of the badge should be clear. The font size and colour of the font should be properly adjusted with the name badge so that it is easily visible from a distance. In case of mentioning the company name on the badge, one should get it written on the second line in a comparatively smaller font. The company name and logo shall be imprinted in a different colour so that the viewer can easily make out the difference. If the designation of the person is also included on the badge, a proper balance in fonts and spacing shall be maintained that gives a professional look to the badge.

Size - People lose interest when the badges are too tiny or too big. To generate the viewer’s interest, the size of the badge should be ideal that leaves enough space for imprinting a person’s name, designation and company’s logo. Big badges can cost more but when too many details are to be imprinted, a bigger badge is better to consider.

Colour - For VIP members, one can also attach ribbons to their badges to give an unusual look. The colour of the ribbons should match with the colour of the badge, which together gives a sophisticated look. The badge colour of employees shall differ from the badge colour of the volunteers. The order of printing the batches should be given keeping in mind the colour combination. Also, it is important that the colour of the badges go in line with the colour code of the organisation.

Type of material - There are many kinds of materials one can decide for badges. The material selected for the name badge depends on several factors such as the budget, usage of the badge, its design and so on. Customised plastic name badges are versatile and are suitable for many occasions. Plastic name badges are durable as compared to printed badges. It depends on the quality of the plastic used. Simple plastic may give a rough look but a premium plastic gives a smoother and exclusive business look. There are many options when it comes to plastics. The plastic material could be scratch-resistant and even chemical and UV protective. Metallic name badges have a sleek and executive look. The look of metal badges is very premium and appealing. They can last longer and do not break or damage. If the metal name badges are laminated there is a glistening look of the badge. The wearer is pleased with a metal badge as it gives an expensive look and indicates the prestige of the company. In case if a person has an interest to print his or her own name badges, he/she can print their own name badges in-house. They are very cheap and can be used for a single time.

Attachments - Attachments of the name badge could be pins, magnets for metal name badges or even lanyards. Lanyards are yet another excellent way of promoting your brand. They are easy to wear and remove and could be easily carried for a long event. The organising company can get the lanyards customised into a trendy look having the company name printed on the lanyards. When the employees of your company are wearing lanyards having the company’s logo and name imprinted, the visibility of the brand also increases. Pin badges are easy to carry but the impression left by the pin may damage or create holes in the fabric if worn for long. Clip badges are best for usage and affordable as well. Magnetic badges are amazing, quick to wear and give an expensive look. Although the cost may go high in case of attachments having magnets as they are worthwhile. The only care to be taken is to stay away from things like keys, or things having a magnetic strip.

Cost - Cost is a major factor to decide the purchase of name badges. When cost is a concern, many companies try to cut their expenses. But name badges are not very costly and make a remarkable difference in the event. The employees remain motivated throughout the event and work as a team. When deciding on the cost, the company must explore and compare various options in their location as well as check them online. Signal Advantage is an Australian company which has been supplying promotional products and custom name badges for 20 years. We offer affordable and high-quality name badges in bulk which can be purchased online.

Name badges are economic marketing products. The event organiser company puts its money and time after the event and its venue. It is not necessary that the company puts too much amount on name badges. The selection of the name badge can be done as per the budget of the company. One can select a normal quality of the name badge and select vibrant colours for the name badge to give a unique look. Choosing different colours for the name badge also tells a lot about the creativity of the company. The main purpose is that the name badges should be functional and be catching to the eye. If you are looking for name badges in bulk that would be customised as per your choice, you can get it online on Signal Advantage. We are the leading providers of promotional products in Australia.