There are many benefits to having your employees use name badges. But one of the things employers don’t like is that they can get lost. Sometimes you have to wonder if it was legitimately lost or it was purposely lost by someone who didn’t want to wear it. Some employees may be careless with it, while others may misplace it without realizing they did so until they need it.

 Losing name badges can be costly for employers, who will need to keep replacing them. But it can also become a security issue. Many companies have their employees wear name badges to help identify who works there. Lost name badges can land in the wrong hands, creating a security issue.

 Here are some ways to help your employees stop losing their name badges: 

  • Leave them at work. Have a designated place at the office where all name badges are left at the end of the day. This will keep them safer, and they will be less likely to become lost. Each day as employees clock out, they can simply put their name badge in that designated storage area, and get them the next day when they clock back in.
  • Have a contest. Hold a contest every month or quarter to give a prize to those who don’t lose their name badge. Whether it’s a pizza lunch or an ice cream bar, a small treat for winning the contest will keep people motivated. Give public recognition to those who have never lost their name badge.
  • Offer an incentive. Every year, offer a small incentive to those who don’t lose their name badge. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but a small incentive will get them interested in being more responsible about where they put it and what they do with it. Incentives are a great way to reinforce positive behaviors.
  • Make them pay. At some point, people have to be held accountable. If they lose their name badge once that may be an accident. But if it happens multiple times then they are probably being careless. Consider making them pay for the replacements so that they become more aware of taking care of it properly.
  • Consider using a lanyard. Making it more difficult to lose the name badge is a good option. To do this, you can opt for using a lanyard-type name badge system. By wearing the lanyard they will be less likely to lose or overlook it.

 Even with these options, there may still be some employees who lose their name badges. There will always be legitimate losses that happen once in a while. But if you consider implementing one or more of these options, there is a good chance lost name badges will become rare at your business. Companies throughout Australia are beginning to consider this more and more and come out ahead as a result.