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Should Educators Wear Teacher Name Badges?

Teacher name badges are very important and educational institutions should strictly implement it. Most teacher ID badges will include a photograph of the teacher, their name, designation, and other specific information that is pertinent to the school's security system.

For the safety of students and teachers, name badges are worn to easily identify visitors from staff. Maintaining the safety and security of our educational institutions is key and the advent of identification cards and badges have made it convenient.

Teacher name badges are great for anyone who deals with an institution. Wondering why? Well, they save visiting parents and strangers from the embarrassment of forgetting a teacher’s name.

In schools or universities, teachers don’t have a specific dress code, in such cases, wearing name badges assist visitors in distinguishing teacher from others in the premises. It can get awkward if you mistake a visitor for a teacher.

Name badges demonstrate that you are not hiding behind anonymity. You are accountable for what you do.

Name Badges is your source for custom and engraved teacher badges & custom printed lanyards. Find your pick from our collection today!


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Badge Wallet 70mm x 105mm & Punched Holes and Slot
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Badge Wallet - Tri-Pocket & Triple Lanyard Slots