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Teacher Name Badges

Should Educators Wear Teacher Name Badges?

Teacher name badges are very important and educational institutions should strictly implement it. Most teacher ID badges will include a photograph of the teacher, their name, designation, and other specific information that is pertinent to the school's security system.

For the safety of students and teachers, name badges are worn to easily identify visitors from staff. Maintaining the safety and security of our educational institutions is key and the advent of identification cards and badges have made it convenient.

Teacher name badges are great for anyone who deals with an institution. Wondering why? Well, they save visiting parents and strangers from the embarrassment of forgetting a teacher’s name.

In schools or universities, teachers don’t have a specific dress code, in such cases, wearing name badges assist visitors in distinguishing teacher from others in the premises. It can get awkward if you mistake a visitor for a teacher.

Name badges demonstrate that you are not hiding behind anonymity. You are accountable for what you do.

Name Badges is your source for custom and engraved teacher badges & custom printed lanyards. Find your pick from our collection today!

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  • WALLETID Soft  Inserts Size 105mm  x 65mm

    Walletid soft plain inserts
    A4 White high quality paper
    8 Per page
    Pack of 240 inserts
    Fully compatible with WALLETID soft pockets
    Minimum per order: 240
    Ships in 2 working days from order

  • Badge Wallet 95mm  x 100mm & Punched Holes and Slot

    Insert size: up to 95mm x 100mm

    Soft plastic wallet

    Punched hole on each side and slot in centre for lanyards

    Sold in multiples of 50

  • 12mm Plain Lanyard with Safety Breakaway Fastening

    12mm Plain lanyard with safety breakaway 
    Best value on the market
    Safety breakway included
    J- hook fastening
    Available in 8 colour options

    Minimum per order : 100
    Dispatch in 2 working days 


  • 15mm Pre Printed Lanyards

    15mm Pre Printed Lanyards
    Best value on the market
    Safety breakaway included
    J hook fastening
    Available in visitor, staff and student with one unique colour on each

    Minimum per order : 25
    Dispatch in 2 working days 

  • ImpactiD Classic Name and Logo Badges

    ImpactiD classic name and logo badge
    Logo and name
    Choose from 3 sizes
    2 Fastening options available
    3 Colour choices to choose from

    Personalised with your name and logo

    Upload your logo and name(s) below

    Minimum per order: 1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days 

  • ImpactiD Classic Name Only Badges

    ImpactiD Classic Name Only Badge
    Personalized with your name
    Choose from 3 prestige colour options
    2 Fastening options
    Available in 3 sizes

    Upload your name(s) below 

    Minimum per order: 1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days

  • ImpactiD Classic Name Only Oval Badge

    ImpactiD Classic
    Name only oval badge
    Choose from 3 colours
    Available in 2 different fastening options
    3 Sizes for maximum impact

    Upload your name(s) below

    Minimum per order:1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days

  • ImpactiD Logo Only Badges

    ImpactiD Logo Only Badge
    Showcase your brand 
    3 Colour choices
    3 Sizes to choose from
    With or without diamond resin finish

    Minimum per order: 1 
    Lead time: 5 working days 

  • SNAPID Badge Kit With Logo

    The snapid intro kit with your companys logo

    This price includes 10 badges, choose higher quantites below
    Choose from two sizes
    This kit includes:
    Snapid metal badge plates in white, gold or silver
    Clear badge caps and acetate inserts with your logo
    Magnet and self adhesive pin
    Watch the SNAPID demo video below


Items 10 to 18 of 24 total

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