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Nurse Name Badges

Keep your staff in check with our medical staff name badges

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." This famous Shakespearean quote is not true in all situations and areas. A name is indeed a necessary attribute when you take a hospital in consideration. A name badge is beneficial to a hospital in many ways. Besides serving as a medium to communicate names among staff, a medical name badge also helps patients, visitors to interact easily with the nurses and doctors. Name badges for doctors and nurses in a hospital has really become important.

Easy communication:It is an unavoidable fact that being called by name in an organisation gives a feeling of belonging and a unique identity. With the best badges as well as reusable badges, it becomes easy for the nurses, doctors and the medical staff to communicate and greet each other. Nurses are in charge of taking care of the patients in a hospital day and night which make them no less than a parent. Being aware of the names of the nurses and doctors in charge of them makes them feel comfortable in addressing the problems and approach them in case of need. The medical name tags manufactured by Name Badges Australia serves all your needs and helps create a bond between the patients and medical staff for removing all awkwardness.

Security:Name Badge for healthcare workers makes it easy to recognise which nurse or doctor is in charge of the patient. You can come to know about the nurse who is taking care of your newborn baby or your aged relative. A hospital is a place where people visit with all kinds of emotions. So it becomes the responsibility of the hospital to not only take good care of the patient, but also to provide good hospitality and support that the visitors or relatives of the patient need. A name tag for the medical staff is a medium which can help communicate the names of the staff members associated to the respective patients of the visitors. Besides this, a name badge also helps security personnel to identify and keep in track the activities and whereabouts of the nurses and doctors. This helps the hospital in avoiding any circumstance which affects the reputation of the hospital.

Track employee performance:The reputation of a hospital is very important nowadays with the increase in number of hospitals. One major aspect to judge a hospital is the behaviour and the service of the nurses. With the perfect nurse name badges by the best name badge company in Australia, the staff and the workers in the hospital stay aware of any unusual activities happening in the premises. The fact that the nursing name badges communicate the name of the nurse, helps visitors as well as patients in giving a review or filing a complain against the nurse for her/his service. Thus, the medical staff always has to take care to provide the best service which in turn is beneficial to the hospital.

Name Badges is Australia's leading provider of name badges and has been helping hospitals in selecting and providing the best name badge for their medical staff which makes communication and interaction easy. Request for a sample or quote today!

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  • SlipID Reusable Tent Card

    SlipID Tent Card

    74mm X 43mm 
    Window height: 22mm
    Insert size: 24mm

    Minimum per order: 50
    Lead time: up to 10 working days

  • 20mm Full Colour Custom Lanyard
    20mm Full colour custom lanyard

    Full colour printing on each sides
    Dye sublimation
    Silky smooth finish
    20mm width
    Choose from a variety of fastenings

    Minimum per order: 100
    Lead time: up to 15 working days from approval

  • Impact PhotoID Badge
    Impact PhotoiD Badge

    76mm x 38mm with or without logo
    Up to 3 lines of personalisation
    Available in 3 colours

    Minimum per order: 25
    Dispatch 5 working days from approval
  • 12mm Plain Lanyard with Safety Breakaway Fastening

    12mm Plain lanyard with safety breakaway 
    Best value on the market
    Safety breakway included
    J- hook fastening
    Available in 8 colour options

    Minimum per order : 25
    Dispatch in 2 working days 


  • 15mm Pre Printed Lanyards

    15mm Pre Printed Lanyards
    Best value on the market
    Safety breakaway included
    J hook fastening
    Available in visitor, staff and student with one unique colour on each

    Minimum per order : 25
    Dispatch in 2 working days 

  • 15mm Polyester Lanyard with Clipart Logo & Text

    15mm Polyester Lanyard 
    Clipart Logo & Text
    Safety breakaway as standard
    2 Fastening's to choose from

    Minimum per order:100

    Dispatch in 3 days from order 

  • Plain Zinger 5000 Executive Belt Clip

    Plain Zinger 5000
    Executive Belt Clip
    Designed for high use and durability 

    Available in a variety of colours

    Minimum per order : 1 

    Lead time: dispatch in 2 business days 

  • SLIPID Reusable Name Badges

    Slipid reusable name badges
    Choose from 3 sizes
    2 Fastening options available

    Upload your logo below

    Minimum per order : 50 

  • CHALKiD Logo Only

    Logo only chalkboard badges
    3 sizes to choose from
    Round corners for a safe finish
    Choose your logo positioning below for maximum impact 

  • Silicone Wristbands - Printed

    Silicone Wristbands
    Printed 1 or 2 colours
    Available in 3 sizes

    Minimum per order: 100
    Lead time: up to 15 working days

  • Silicone Wristbands - Embossed or Debossed

    Silicone Wristband
    Embossed or Debossed 
    3 Sizes to choose from 

    Upgrade options available 

    Minimum per order : 100
    Lead time: up to 15 working days

  • SlipID Pro Doublline Name Badges (70mm x 40mm)

    SlipID Pro Doublline Name Badges

    Badge size: 70mm x 40mm
    Insert size: 16mm
    Self adhesive pin included

    Minimum per order: 50
    Lead time: up to 15 working days

  • SlipID Reusable Desk Plate

    SlipID Desk Plate

    Size: 200mm x 76mm
    Window Height: 22mm

    Minimum per order: 50
    Leadtime: up to 15 working days


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per page

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