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Permanent Name Badges

Boost Healthy Communication With Name Badges!

Even though they are often ridiculed, employee name badges are one of the best ways to "break the ice." If accurately used, these badges can save people from the embarrassment and discomfort of forgetting names. Custom name badges facilitate communication between workers because they don't have to take the trouble of asking names.

A well-designed custom name badge can be much more than just a way of identifying co-workers. It can also convey a sense of organisational pride and professionalism. Many professionals including salespeople use custom name badges in Australia to facilitate identification for clients and others.

Companies can easily get custom name badges online for an organisation's representative to wear in events, meetings, conferences and business gatherings. This will set them apart in a unique way. Your representatives can skip the initial awkwardness and look their professional best.

Name badges can be one of the most economical and effective forms of advertising that an organisation can invest in. Custom badges in Australia can give your executives an edge in the competition for attention and recognition.

Companies that want to facilitate employee communication, need to adopt name badges. Custom name badges are a simple and effective means of encouraging communication and camaraderie among co-workers.

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  • ImpactiD Classic Inframe Name & Logo Badges

    ImpactiD Classic Inframe badge
    Name and logo 
    Choose from 2 sizes
    2 Various fastenings
    3 Prestige colours

    Upload your logo and name(s) below 

    Minimum per order: 1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days 

  • ImpactiD Classic Name and Logo Badges

    ImpactiD classic name and logo badge
    Logo and name
    Choose from 3 sizes
    2 Fastening options available
    3 Colour choices to choose from

    Personalised with your name and logo

    Upload your logo and name(s) below

    Minimum per order: 1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days 

  • ImpactiD Classic Name Only Badges

    ImpactiD Classic Name Only Badge
    Personalized with your name
    Choose from 3 prestige colour options
    2 Fastening options
    Available in 3 sizes

    Upload your name(s) below 

    Minimum per order: 1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days

  • ImpactiD Classic Name Only Oval Badge

    ImpactiD Classic
    Name only oval badge
    Choose from 3 colours
    Available in 2 different fastening options
    3 Sizes for maximum impact

    Upload your name(s) below

    Minimum per order:1
    Lead time: up to 5 working days

  • ImpactiD Logo Only Badges

    ImpactiD Logo Only Badge
    Showcase your brand 
    3 Colour choices
    3 Sizes to choose from
    With or without diamond resin finish

    Minimum per order: 1 
    Lead time: 5 working days 


5 Item(s)

per page

Set Descending Direction

ImpactiD Classic In-frame Name & Logo Badges : The impactiD classic in-frame name and logo badge is ideally designed for maximum corporate branding and individual recognition. This badge allows full colour printing of your brand and also comes with round corners for extra safety and a added prestige finish. With the best fastening option - the magnet, included with your purchase; now you can make your mark with the in-frame badge.

ImpactiD Classic Name and Logo Badges: The impactiD classic name and logo badges are a well known favourite. The prestige stunning finish ensures your team are easy to remember and your logo stands out clearly and vividly. Choose from 3 base colours, being Gold, Silver or White and then make your logo pop with your brands artwork! Make an impact, with the impactiD.

ImpactiD Classic Name Only Badges: The impact classic name only badge is key to identify your staff. With the clear bold letters and a colour background that stands out, this is your ideal choice of name badge for the retail, education or event sector.

ImpactiD Classic Name Only Oval Badge: The impactid classic name only oval badge is one of a kind. These badges are specifically designed for ultimate corporate branding and individual recognition.With the diamond resin finish being a standard with the badge you can add depth and high gloss curves as well as smoother corners to enhance the overall appearance of the badge.

ImpactiD Logo Only Badges: The ImpactID Logo only name badge is well suited for any brand that wants a prestige finish on a name badge. This badge comes with round corners for safety and a pin as standard. You can choose your logo position to ensure maximum impact with the impactID.