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Reusable Name Badges

Reusable Name Badges: It's The Little Things That Make A Big Difference!


“Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” has become the slogan which many companies are using nowadays to reduce waste generation as well as going easy on their pockets. With the availability of reusable name badges online, it has become even more easier for companies to rethink and get many alternatives for the badges they are currently using. A reusable badge can be beneficial to company’s representatives in many ways. This comes in varied materials. The name badge consist of an insert where a paper or card is inserted. All the metadata of the organisation is printed on the paper. The information on the name badges can easily be adjusted or changed to match the company's requirement. This is a major benefit of using a reusable name tag.

Reusable name tags will give the company a huge advantage while attending events. It is easier to design and can draw the attention of potential clients. The right name badge for your employees is a perfect idea to invest to guarantee an impact for your company. Name Badges is the most trusted reusable name badge manufacturer in Australia. With the reusable name tags we provide, you don’t have to worry about the quality of badges. We manufacture name badges of the highest quality. Ordering our reusable badges will certainly be a nice investment which will be easy on your pocket because of the fact that it can be reused.

Reusable name badges are the best for use for branding and most preferred for large gatherings and business exhibits. These badges can be ordered online, which is an ideal alternative to cut costs.

Name Badges is Australia’s most renowned and looked upon online name badge manufacturer and provider. For more information, contact us today!

Reusable Name Badges

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  • SlipID Pro Doublline Name Badges (70mm x 40mm)

    SlipID Pro Doublline Name Badges

    Badge size: 70mm x 40mm
    Insert size: 16mm
    Self adhesive pin included

    Minimum per order: 50
    Lead time: up to 15 working days

  • SlipID Reusable Tent Card

    SlipID Tent Card

    74mm X 43mm 
    Window height: 22mm
    Insert size: 24mm

    Minimum per order: 50
    Lead time: up to 10 working days

  • Walletid Soft Badge Pocket

    WalletID soft badge pocket

    110mm x 67mm
    Supplied with rotating crocodile clip
    Insert size up to 105mm x 65mm
    Minimum per order:50
    Ships in 2 working days from order

  • Walletid Rigid Name badge Pocket

    Rigid wallet
    90MM X 57MM
    Crocodile clip 
    Safety Pin
    Insert size up to 90mm x 55mm
    Minimum per order:50
    Ships in 2 working days from order 


  • SLIPID Reusable Name Badges

    Slipid reusable name badges
    Choose from 3 sizes
    2 Fastening options available

    Upload your logo below

    Minimum per order : 50 

  • CHALKiD Logo Only

    Logo only chalkboard badges
    3 sizes to choose from
    Round corners for a safe finish
    Choose your logo positioning below for maximum impact 

  • CHALKiD Plain Black

    Plain black chalk id badge
    Chalkboard look
    Choose from 3 sizes with perfectly rounded corners
    Magnet or pin fastening is available 

  • SNAPID Clear Caps With Logo

    These clear caps snap straight onto the snapid name plates
    Easy to snap on and off
    The pricing below includes 10, choose to upgrade to higer quantites below
    Two sizes to choose from: 65mm x 20mm OR 76mm x 26mm

    Want to see more? Watch the snapid demo below! 

  • SNAPID Clear Caps Without Logo

    No logo clear snapid caps
    Snap straight onto the name plates
    Pricing below includes 10 caps
    Choose from two sizes

  • SNAPID Badge Kit No Logo

    The snapid intro kit with no logo
    This price includes a pack of 10, choose higher quantites below
    The kit includes : Snapid metal badge plates without logo, in white gold or silver
    Snapid badge caps
    Magnet and self adhesive pin
    Choose from two sizes 
    Want to know more? Watch the snapid demo video below! 

  • SNAPID Badge Kit With Logo

    The snapid intro kit with your companys logo

    This price includes 10 badges, choose higher quantites below
    Choose from two sizes
    This kit includes:
    Snapid metal badge plates in white, gold or silver
    Clear badge caps and acetate inserts with your logo
    Magnet and self adhesive pin
    Watch the SNAPID demo video below

  • SlipID Reusable Desk Plate

    SlipID Desk Plate

    Size: 200mm x 76mm
    Window Height: 22mm

    Minimum per order: 50
    Leadtime: up to 15 working days


12 Item(s)

per page

Set Descending Direction

Snapid: Introducing the highest quality reusable name badge in the world! Order 100 SNAPID badges and receive a free brother printer ! Each printer comes with a roll that produces over 100 names!

Chalkid: The CHALKiD range is the step in the right direction to engage with your customers, without saying a word! Incorporate your brands slogan or a friendly greeting on the chalkboard impact badge.

Slipid: With a wide choice of badge and window sizes, SLIPID reusable name badges can accommodate the level of personalisation and information you need. Your logo or image is sealed below a scratch-resistant surface to ensure it remains in pristine condition - allowing you to re-use it looking brand new every time!! All supplied with a unique 'thumb cut' on the reverse making it easy to remove and replace individual names.